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When a meal is elevated to the status of gourmet, then you are taken to an unforgettable category of flavors and sensations. Only the best products can provide everything that a meal can and should offer. whether in the comfort of your home or in restaurants and bars, our commitment is to always bring the best cuisine, bars and restaurants in the world to you.


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cerpa prime

The best beer in Brazil arrives for an excellent option for prime beers.


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special wines & spirits

live enjoying the good things and pleasures of life. Nothing with good wine and a good food to celebrate life.

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If you are looking for a partner with 30 years of experience to internationalise your company, or even find distribution solutions in the USA, we can provide a customised solution to meet your needs safely and quickly. Talk to our team.

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being present in the American market for more than 30 years makes us very proud and sure of being on the right path. Most importantly, be prepared for the next 30 years.

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